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So where do we begin when it comes to talking about music, its a new year which means fresh tracks so let's start with the top 6 on the UK charts for January.

  1. First at number one, we start with River by Ed Sheeran and Eminem now that's a mashup of two very different people in one song and at first when people thought about the song before it was released they couldn't quite work out how it would work. However when it was released it made it to the top of the charts and it’s a really good tune which tackles many taboo topics about now a days such as abortion, infidelity, failed relationships and much more but i would definitely recommend listening to this song if you wanna get into a catchy tune this is the one for you.

  2. Next at number two is Barking by RAMZ which is a song he sings about his area actually because he is from Barking and its a grime tune which has a really nice bass beat and its something you can just dance to and its a really good song but it can definitely say you will remember the words “gonna link my ting from barking” ever since I heard this song I keep singing the lyrics over and over again.

  3. At number three is another ballad by the lovely Ed Sheeran this one has remained on the charts for months and its a love song about cherishing what you have and the shocks in finding your soulmate and realising that actually is them right in front of your eyes and he says in the song “I will not give you up this time” that's because he has made the mistake of losing them before and he knows how much they’re worth now. As the saying is, you don't know what you have until its gone.

  4. Number four is I Miss You by Clean Bandit ft Julia Michaels its a really nice upbeat song about missing someone and the beat in it is nice to just dance to or if you wake up in the morning play music of your phone and just dance in the mirror with a hairbrush well this is one of them songs.

  5. Number five is Finesse by Bruno Mars and Cardi B and its a really fast paced song and it mainly just features Bruno Mars but Cardi B does come into it eventually.

  6. Number six is Anywhere by Rita Ora, this song is a nice dance tune where you would play it at a club and dance to the beat its catchy and its just a nice let your hair down song.


Albums that released this month were:

Camilla Cabello’s new album - Camilla :

Camillas new album has a lot of new songs and different types of music featured. I would definitely recommend listening/buying the album on iTunes or in shops because it is really full of upbeat, lifting music and it's just a great album. I can't find anything wrong with this album it has been one of my best purchase’s in January, the top 3 songs on the album are Never Be The Same, Into It and Havana.

Fall out boys new album - M A N I A:

The Guardian rated this album 60/100, saying ‘it doesn't have enough big tunes to really pull it off, but the band does deserve a lot of credit for such continual reinvention’.
The Rolling Stone rated this album 60/100 too saying ‘The album is less a reboot than a re-affirmation of their ability to fuse over-the-top oversharing and Queen-ly operatic stomp with an elastic vision of pop.’

However in my opinion the album is ok yes they’ve done better albums before but fall out boy is actually always doing different stuff with their music and it's really creditable because it must’ve took them hours, months to have made this album.
Although I do agree they could've done better but they didn’t.


Albums due to be released in the end of January/ Beginning of February -

  • Clean Bandit - I Miss You
  • Charlie Puth - Voicenotes
  • Craig David - The Time Is Now
  • Justin Timberlake - Man Of The Woods
  • Tyga - Kyota
  • Marlon Williams - Make way for love
  • Ezra Furman - Transangelic Exodus


Concerts coming up the end of January/ the month of February:

  • Chain Reaction Winter Blues 2018 - Chew, London, UK - FRIDAY 26TH - 29TH JAN
  • Hollywood Undead - KOKO, London, UK - MON 29TH JAN
  • Charlie Sloth - Ministry of Sound, London UK - TUE 30TH JAN
  • George Ezra - Shoreditch Town Hall, London UK - 31ST JAN
  • Americana Music Festival UK 2018 - WED 31ST - THURSDAY 01 FEB - London


So far this is all I have for this month but as this months progress more and more music will arise and it'll be more to talk about, hope you enjoyed my post and ill see you all on the next one.