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An article by David Makweti.

'New Year’s Resolutions'

2018 has finally dawned on us and with that statement being said, it means it’s a new year, and with a new year comes change, and the best change is often the positive kind. How it happens? One way is through new year’s resolutions.

Top 3 New Year’s Resolution’s often chosen

  • Improve physical well being (Start exercising more often)
  • Improve finances (Spend less on luxuries and Save money)
  • Learn a new hobby (Learn a new hobby or skill, such learning how to dance by taking dance classes, which is also a great way to keep fit or get fit, or simply buying some drawing stationery and setting some time aside to practice sketches, painting/colouring, or even through digital art on a computer, since it is still an art.)


Why people fail new year’s resolutions and how to complete them

Most of the time new year’s resolution goals are failed through people creating unrealistic goals or at times to many goals being created all at once, so it is common that the energy, and effort being depleted around those excess several goals runs out and you have found out that you have achieved only a handful of them or at times none at all.

The best way to achieve your resolutions is by not setting too many of them and instead, concentrating your efforts on just a couple of them, and also breaking your goals down in little bite-sized bits, and that allows you to complete the tasks at hand more easily since your efforts are more accessible.


'Donald Trump’s economical Presidency'

After 2017 took a shaking when USA billionaire business man Donald Trump was elected as president, I will talk about if he has affected a nation and how.

Donald Trump has spoken of his desire to develop to develop the US economy such as plans of raising its economy up by 6%. I will also talk about how some changes have been made for the better of USA or for the lack developed change.

Documents released from ‘USA department of commerce’ stated that the US economy rates have risen to 3.2% in the 3rd quarter of 2017. This is a positive change on how the US economy has benefited.

The USA stocks have also had a record breaking run. This was stated from ‘The Dow Jones Industrial Average’, which reviewed the rates of 30 major US companies from August 2016, which was just before Donald Trump’s presidency, and then charted till January 2018. The Dow Jones industrial average leaped up to 20,000 for the first time as-well, 5 days after Trump’s presidential seating, so this shows that Donald Trump’s action has been bettering the US economy.

The unemployment rate has fallen down to 4.1% from December 2017 and the results have nearly beaten its National record of 3.1% in 2001, so at the moment USA has the 2nd best record of the most people being employed in worked throughout its whole history timeline.

The USA economy has developed and nourished since president Trump’s inauguration, but has it benefited the residents of the USA? According the ‘Bureau of Labor Statistics’, the US wages have flattened since Trumps presidency and the USA has also had a National budget cut, after the government’s senators failed to agree to a budget. This cut could affect British citizen’s visa and passport process’s, if the budget cut is not resolved soon.

As for how the USA’s nation will grow, change or redevelop, is still in question, since Donal Trump is still in the early days of governing a Nation and we shall see how this presidency turns out.


Sexual abuse & Sexual Violence awareness week

To complete this blog, I will now talk about a very important agenda, which is Sexual abuse and Sexual awareness week. The special week will take place from the ‘5th February till the 11th February’.


What is the events week about?

The week is about creating awareness and raising your voice against sexual abuse and sexual violence, so people can be educated about it, and potentially save a person’s life through reporting it in order to put a stop to it.


What statistics say about Sexual abuse

Rape happens to 1 in 5 people in England and Wales. It is also recorded that, in England and Wales, 85,000 women are raped a year, which is shocking but true.

Results also show that 38% of all men and 34% of all women said that she is totally or partly to blame, when rape should not be justified at all and through awareness you can help bring to justice those who have committed the crime or would potentially commit it, through knowing why and how we can stop it.


Is rape ever right or justifiable in any circumstances?

The Answer is no and should always be no. Rape no matter what the circumstances is wrong and should always be reported immediately.


If you are a survivor of sexual abuse or sexual violence here are some organisations that can offer you support and advice:

Rape Crisis UK – 0808 802 9999

The Survivors Trust – 0808 801 0818

Survivors UK (for male survivors of rape)