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Who is going to qualify for the champions league?

While the race for the title is virtually concluded, with Manchester City heading to win their fifth league in their history, the battle to be present in the Champions League for next year is still open, with ‘6 teams’(if we are counting Arsenal) fighting to don’t be left back. Which ones are the other three clubs to qualify?

Is hard to speculate, what the premier league taught us many times is that it’s a very unpredictable league with a lot of twists and surprises from smaller clubs, but still, if I had to make predictions, I would say that Manchester United, Tottenham and Liverpool are probably the ones who have more chances to make it.

Chelsea and Arsenal are the teams that at this moment are having a lot of problems with trying to overcome this period of crisis which is making them having poor performance and losing games, but still, Arsenal in contrast to Chelsea seems to be having already left their ambitions to enter the Champions zone and now they are trying to concentrate their energy on winning the Europa League(same as what Manchester United did last year).

However this is just my opinion, we are in the last 10 matches, with six teams fighting to fit in four places and nobody knows exactly what is going to happen, but the only thing I know accurately is that I am not going to feel bored.